Monday, Dec 15 2014
Once up on a time, innovations in the construction industry didn’t happen all that often, but things are changing fast. Here are 23 that we saw this year. As we reported this month (in our Trend... Read more »
Monday, Nov 24 2014
Longtime insiders in the home automation market have been waiting for a major breakthrough for at least a decade or more, and it’s finally here — thanks to mobile apps and cloud computing. Read... Read more »
Wednesday, Nov 19 2014
Heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators are distinctly different systems that accomplish essentially the same task — extracting energy from stale indoor air to precondition the... Read more »
Wednesday, Oct 29 2014
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Versatex Building Products has launched a new Web-based tool that lets builders (and homebuyers) try out creative options in architectural trim. The 3D virtual... Read more »
Monday, Oct 27 2014
San Francisco-based startup Leeo has announced the development of a new “smart" nightlight that monitors a home’s existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and alerts residents when they... Read more »
Wednesday, Oct 8 2014
Waukesha, Wis.-based Generac Power Systems said its new Synergy residential backup generator with variable speed technology results in a product that is quieter and more fuel-efficient. “The... Read more »
Wednesday, Oct 1 2014
Atlanta-based Telguard has launched a GDC1 Universal Garage Door Controller that is compatible with any automatic opener connected to a sectional garage door. Telguard, which combines devices... Read more »
Sunday, Sep 21 2014
Just because the temperature is dipping doesn’t mean construction stops, but heated clothes and outerwear could be a big help if you happen to build in a cold climate. Some manufacturers believe... Read more »
Wednesday, Aug 27 2014
Mount Vernon, Washington-based Stealth Acoustics produces a line of LineaResponse speakers that can be installed on walls or ceilings without visible grilles. “Some people really don’t have belief... Read more »
Monday, Aug 11 2014
Water heater manufacturer Noritz America has developed a new line of condensing residential tankless water heaters that combines a hot-water recirculating feature. The circulating pump inside... Read more »