Monday, Jun 2 2014
At one time, home automation was a complicated feature that involved infrastructure planning and rough-ins. It also was expensive. “Chances are good that unless you're quite wealthy, home... Read more »
Monday, Jun 2 2014
Mitsubishi Electric’s heating and cooling division has introduced the Hyper-Heating Inverter (H2i) MSZ-FH ductless mini-split, a product the company said is the most energy-efficient heating and... Read more »
Friday, May 23 2014
There’s another smart lock on the scene, now that San Francisco-based August has introduced the August Smart Lock that uses Bluetooth technology for mobile control. “Today there is a... Read more »
Wednesday, May 14 2014
Lento smoke alarm
Jalo Helsinki is a company that believes "safety can be playful," and as proof it has developed a line of smoke detectors that look like insects but feature cutting-edge technology. Designed... Read more »
Wednesday, May 14 2014
Ashland City, Tennessee-based water heater manufacturer A. O. Smith has developed a high efficiency residential tankless that takes up even less space than a typical model. The so-... Read more »
Monday, May 12 2014
BEAM Alliance Central Vacuum System
Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems said its recently introduced Beam Alliance central vacuum system offers new technology that makes it quiet, efficient and effective. “The BEAM Alliance... Read more »
Wednesday, May 7 2014
Dallas-based Tech Startup Chui has developed a new intelligent doorbell that allows homeowners to program automatic triggers based on the facial recognition of people at the door. Chui is an... Read more »
Wednesday, May 7 2014
Wayne Water Systems AdvanTEXT sump pump
Sump pump manufacturer Wayne Water Systems has introduced a new product featuring technology that allows the unit to text homeowners when water levels are rising or there is a power outage... Read more »
Wednesday, Apr 9 2014
Belgian fireplace manufacturer Bodart & Gonay has developed a woodburning stove with innovative boiler technology that recovers convection heat and uses it for hot water. The... Read more »
Monday, Apr 7 2014
NanaWellness System and cube sensor
Folding door manufacturer NanaWall has partnered with CBSR to introduce a new system that allows owners of the company’s products to know when it’s time to open the door and flush the home... Read more »