Sunday, Jun 23 2013
Smart locks are available from various mainstream hardware manufacturers, but San Francisco-based Goji has unveiled the most unique version to date. Smart Lock is an electronic deadbolt that gives... Read more »
Wednesday, Jun 12 2013
Cincinnati, Ohio-based Organized Living (formerly Schulte) has launched a new web-based design tool that allows pros to create custom storage solutions from scratch, and then share, save... Read more »
Monday, Apr 22 2013
St. Charles, Ill-based System Sensor said its new i4 Series combination carbon monoxide/smoke detector and integration module is the first low-voltage, system-connected, combination solution on... Read more »
Wednesday, Mar 6 2013
Houston-based RectorSeal Corp. says its new tamper-resistant locking valve cap, GasGuard, helps prevent refrigerant theft and leaks from residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration... Read more »
Wednesday, Mar 6 2013
Acoustic Ceiling Products Unlike traditional surface-mounted or in-wall units with visible grills, the Onsia Invisible speaker is installed into the wall with screws and joint compound and has no... Read more »
Thursday, Feb 28 2013
Consumers can monitor their home surveillance system from a computer, but how many products allow them to do so from the road? Y-cam Solutions Ltd, the British manufacturer of remote... Read more »
Friday, Jan 11 2013
Most builders will tell you that the most compelling reason to attend the International Builders' Show is to see what new products manufacturers have to offer. We know this because we asked the... Read more »
Tuesday, Dec 18 2012
Railtones is a wireless speaker that mounts to track lighting to help you cut the cord (and discord) of traditional whole-house audio systems. Manufactured by Tech Lighting in partnership with its... Read more »