10 Awesome Pendant Lights That Will Class Up Your Interiors

Tuesday, Dec 2 2014
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Nigel F. Maynard

There is a reason the lighting category is always popular with buyers and consumers: Lighting makes a huge difference in the interior environment of a home. We’ve found 10 hip products that your buyers will love.

Everyone knows that good lighting helps us to see better and perform tasks more easily, the American Lighting Association [ALA] writes. It also provides safety, security and a sense of comfort.

“Lighting adds beauty and drama to a room,” ALA says. “It can make a small room look open and airy, and a large room appear comfortable and inviting. It can create a stimulating atmosphere for a night of entertaining, or a comfortable feeling of relaxation after a long, tiring day.”

One way to introduce cool light fixtures in your homes is with pendants. With an unlimited range of styles, shapes, colors and sizes, pendants can provide the finishing touch to a comprehensive interior design scheme. “They add the sparkle to our homes in the same way that jewelry adds sparkle to our bodies,” the group said.

Here are some tips the group advices for when you’re planning your lighting design:

  • Identify the activities that occur in each room (reading, food preparation, hobby work, grooming, laundry, homework, etc.).
  • Identify the mood or ambience that you want to create.
  • Identify the decorative elements you wish to emphasize.
  • Keep in mind that dark colors absorb much light, and therefore it is necessary to provide supplementary light in spaces with dark wall colors and finishes.
  • When remodeling, it is important to note the extent of the remodeling and identify the existing electrical locations.
  • Also, identify those areas serving more than a single purpose and those that will require more than one type of lighting.


Light Years: The Orient pendant is a flawless light design with good luminous efficacy and made from the finest quality materials. It features a copper shade and a rosewood top and a low-energy light source. lightyears.dk


David Derksen Designs: This wooden pendant is made from real wood veneer and a film backing. The wood veneer is cut and engraved by laser, and the film backing functions as a hinge, making it possible to fold the veneer where it would normally break. It’s available in beech veneer. davidderksen.nl


Zero Lighting: Silo is a small, iconic fixture inspired by the silhouette of a grain silo. Available in white, black, yellow and green, it can be ordered in custom colors as well. zerolighting.com


Louis Poulsen: The special edition PH 3½ -3 is from 1929 and is being launched true to designer Poul Henningsen’s original drawings. Made from copper and mouth-blown opal glass, the fixture will take on a unique patina over time. louispoulsen.com


Think Fabricate: The firm’s first lighting collection, Think Lanterns, is a medley of five steel pendant lamps in varying shapes and sizes that frame and emphasize the exposed light source. Lamps are available for purchase individually, or in a medley of three, five, or six. thinkfabricate.com



Progress Lighting: This light family offers industrial roots in form and function. It features antique inspired fresnel glass lens and finished in oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel finishes. progresslighting.com


Dark: Designed by Alex de Witte, the Big Bubble is a huge light fixture that’s ideal for large, high-ceilinged spaces. Rendered in blown glass, each piece is unique and measures between 31 ins. and 43 ins. long. dark.be


LBL Lighting: Interlace is a large, elegant aluminum suspension light with an outer ring that is hand-machined to receive hundreds of strands of stainless steel cable. The LEDs in the circular portion shine inward toward the cables. It measures 29.5 ins. in diameter and hangs from 144-in. cables. lbllighting.com


Tech Lighting: Featuring seven clear glass globes, the Cheers pendant has fused center tubes suspended from one central hub. It includes one low-voltage, 10-watt xenon bi-pin lamp and comes with 6 ft. of suspension cable that can be cut in the field. It comes in antique bronze, chrome and satin nickel. techlighting.com


Artecnica: Constructed from accordion-folded Tyvek, Phrena transforms from a flat fixture into a light with a 3-D shade. It uses a 60-watt bulb and can be configured for up-lighting or down-lighting. artecnicainc.com

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