4 Heated Jackets for When the Temperature Tumbles

Sunday, Sep 21 2014
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Nigel F. Maynard

Just because the temperature is dipping doesn’t mean construction stops, but heated clothes and outerwear could be a big help if you happen to build in a cold climate.

Some manufacturers believe there is a strong market for heated apparel. In just the last year alone, Milwaukee Electric Tool Co., DeWalt and Bosch Power Tools have introduced a wide variety of heated jackets, hoodies and vests that are powered by a rechargeable battery.

DeWalt, which offers a variety of products, recently expanded the 12-volt and 20-volt MAX heated gear line with seven new heated jacket styles, including one for women.

“With the expansion of our current line, we are able to accommodate professionals,” said Tracy Moran, product manager at the company. “We expanded our heated gear line to include women’s jackets for use on the jobsite as well as during outdoor activities. By incorporating the adaptor extension into our new and existing line of heated gear, we now provide two battery placement options for the user—in the battery pocket on the back of the jacket or in the front pocket of the jacket.”

Dewalt is not the only company catering to women. Milwaukee has introduced an M12 women’s heated jacket with “unique stich lines that provide a less baggy fit for women,” the company said.

As fall and winter approach, here are four heated garments for you to consider.


Milwaukee Electric Tool

Designed for women, the M12 heated jacket features stich lines that provide a less baggy fit for women, three carbon fiber heating elements and advanced fabric-layering technology to distribute and maintain heat across core body areas. It provides up to six hours of continuous heat per battery charge. milwaukeetool.com



Part of a recent expansion, the lithium ion Camo heated jacket can provide up to even hours of core body warmth on low setting. It has a water/wind resistant outer shell, four core heating zones, LED controller offering three temperature settings and a removable hood. dewalt.com


Bosch Power Tools

Introduced in 2013, the 12V Max heated jacket and battery holster is designed to keep outdoor contractors and mobile technicians warm and protected from the elements, the company said. It also includes a built-in battery backup power source to keep USB-compatible cell phones charged. The jacket features three warming core heat zones and provide up to six hours of heated runtime on low heat level with a 2.0 Ah battery. boschtools.com



Equipped with a three-temperature, rechargeable heating system, this fleece jacket from also features T-MAX insulation for improved heat retention. High-wear areas prone to fraying and tearing have been reinforced with rugged polyester and high-performance fibers provide improved heat retention and body temperature regulation
, the company said. marks.com


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