5 Amazing Kitchen Faucets Your Buyers Will Love

Wednesday, Dec 10 2014
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Nigel F. Maynard

The open-concept kitchen is one of the hottest trend in housing, but when everyone can see your work area you need an awesome faucet that makes a statement.

Homeowners fall into two categories: those who really use their kitchen and those who do not. Help them choose a faucet accordingly.

If your buyers won’t be cooking often, they can go nuts with the most impractical, high-style unit they want. No one — except maybe the person who ultimately buys the house later — will care.

But for serious cooks, durability and functionality are key. It’s best to select a faucet that a home owner can shut off with an elbow. It’s worth looking into pro-style faucets with restaurant-style high arc as well.

We’ve found five faucets that bring the style and the functionality.



If you like high-concept design, Karbon is one of the most striking faucets introduced in recent memory. The unit features articulating joints that allow users to deliver water where it’s needed. It uses a joystick lever. us.kohler.com



This Moda Collection faucet features a pre rinse pull-down spout, lever handle and a head that rotates 180 degrees. Made with ceramic disc valves, it measures 22 ¼ ins. tall and has a reach of 10 ins. elkay.com


KWC America

The Eve faucet features an integrated pull-down aerator that is equipped with LED lights. The light switch is integrated into the pull-down aerator and automatically shuts off after 45 minutes of operating time. It’s available in a height of 16½ ins. or 13 3/8 ins. kwc.us.com



Twinflex features a flexible spout system that allows water to be directed exactly where the user needs. It features a synthetic hose, a flexible metal hose to define the form and a PVC sheath. The product comes in four colors. arwa.ch



Cook is a new line of taps that integrates a brightly colored silicone hose that moves 360 degrees. It comes in five colors. mamoli.com

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