8 Bathrooms With Cool Design Ideas You Should Use Now

Wednesday, Dec 17 2014
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Nigel F. Maynard

The bathroom is one of the most anticipated rooms in the house, says trulia.com, so it’s the place where builders and architects try to add the most value and the coolest design tricks. Here are eight ideas that will give your projects a shot in the arm.

Experts say the master bath, especially, is the one that can use the most upgrades with such items as dual vanities, soaking tubs, electronic faucets and steam showers.

These days, there are many more cool touches a designer can add to a bathroom. Wall-mounted vanities can make a small bath feel large, but they also have a practical purpose: items are easier to access. And trench drains give baths a streamline look, but it also means a shower pan only has to slope in one direction.

But designing the perfect bath still requires some thoughtful planning, says bhg.com. It starts with answering a series of questions, among them: How will the space function? Who will be using the space? How will it be used? What is the floor plan? Where will item be stored? How will accessibility play into the design?

“The answers to these questions can shed light on how much open floor space is needed for navigation around the room, what size tub or shower makes sense, whether two sinks are necessary, and more,” bhg.com says.

Once those questions are answered, you can start thinking about design features. Here are eight for your consideration:


A wood accent wall is an unexpected element in a bath. It can warm a large or small space, as long as the wood is a durable specie such as mahogany or cedar.


Instead of stopping the tile up to a point, take it all the way to the ceiling. If it’s the right tile, it can create a durable wall that can withstand moisture and abuse.


Typically, you should avoid a window in a shower, but if you place them high on the wall, you can get the light and a way to vent the bath.


Ditch the mosaics and 8-in. floor tile in favor of large format measuring up to 24 ins. or more.


Yes, the freestanding soaking tub is a hot design trend, but if you clad it in a wood surround it makes an even bolder statement.


A wall-mounted vanity is one of the most underrated features in your bath. It makes storage easier to access, but it also makes a room feel bigger.


Shower doors are hard to clean, so ditch the doors and opt for a frameless glass partition with no doors. For a nicer look, run the flooring surface right into the shower.


The typical round drain is unattractive, but a linear or trench drain offers a cleaner look. It can also disappear if you don’t want anyone to see it.

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