Ammonitum Turns Wood Strips Into These Amazing Bath Sinks

Wednesday, Dec 10 2014
Posted by:
Nigel F. Maynard

Typically, wood and water do not mix, but Swiss manufacturer Ammonitum has developed a process that turns strips of the material into exquisite bath vanities, sinks and tubs.

The company’s craftsmen use such species as bubinga, walnut and mahogany to create the products and then apply a series of coatings (including varnish and 10 layers of lacquer) for protection.

“Although the product is considered costly, we have implemented over 500 small-and large-scale projects for clients all over the world — Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, UAE, Lebanon, UK, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria etc.,” The company said.

 Ammonitum offers a series of standard products, but the company also welcomes custom designs.

“The first-class wood used in our products comes in a wide variety of colors and textures we can modify, combine and mix to meet your personal taste and unique design needs,” the company explained. “We can tailor-make every item of bathroom ware according to your drawings, interior photographs or just specifications.”




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