Awesome Find of the Week: A Light Collection Made from Recycled Cardboard

Wednesday, Aug 13 2014
Posted by:
Nigel F. Maynard

Seattle-based design studio Graypants produces an ingenious lighting collection that is made from clear-coated steel, frosted tempered glass and handmade repurposed cardboard.

The Scraplights collection of recycled lighting fixtures is made from repurposed cardboard that is laser-cut and assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesives, the company said. “By taking advantage of cardboard's naturally beautiful tones and corrugated textures, these earth-friendly cardboard pendant lights are literally ‘creating a brighter now.’"

Made in the USA, Scraplights consists of a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, from an 11-in.-diameter unit to an over scale model measuring 64 ins. wide. All products come with a hard-wired cord + cable set with matching powder-coated ceiling canopy.

Prices range from $295 to $8,000.


64-in. Arcturus. All Scraplight fixtures feature a brown cardboard shade, a round, powder coated steel canopy and a 96-in. black or white cord.


10-in. Moon


32-in. Sun


14.5-in Drop


16.5-in. Disc


32-in. Cloche


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