Awesome Find of the Week: A Light Fixture Made from Structural Lumber

Monday, Aug 4 2014
Posted by:
Nigel F. Maynard

This product by Oslo, Norway-based Northern Lighting may look like regular 2x6 framing lumber, but in fact it’s a cool lighting collection made from pure, raw wood.

“Plank stems from a reference to the used and abused delivery pallet,” the company said. “Plentiful in function, this thin, long and simplistic pendant, wall and floor lamp series serves well to add directed or guided light to a defined space in a room.”

Made from light-colored aspen wood planks or a more brown-surfaced Kebony Southern yellow pine, the fixture is fabricated from two 47-in.-by-6-in.-boards with dimmable LEDs sandwiched between the two. Brass screws and stainless steel cables complete the look.

For customization, builders may also paint the wood in the field.

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