KN Crowder Debuts New Catch‘N’Close System for Sliding Doors

Monday, Oct 6 2014
Posted by:
Nigel F. Maynard

Burlington, Ontario-based KN Crowder has developed a Catch’N’Close system for its Crowder Sliding Door kits, allowing for smooth and controlled operation in both opening and closing of the door.

“Safety is a top concern at Crowder,” said Jeremy Crowder, VP of KN Crowder. “The Catch’N’Close closing system allows the door to safely and securely close.”

The new system eliminates the bouncing and slamming that is common with other sliding door hardware, the company said. With the Catch’N’Close product, the company added, “the sliding door will automatically slow and shut itself for the final few inches as the door travels to the closed/opened position.”

In addition to the reduction in noise, the product helps reduce accidents that may result in someone’s finger getting caught. This is a big plus for homes with small children or the elderly, the company explained.

Crowder said it is the first company to introduce the gas-spring technology that is found in the Catch’N’Close system. It can accommodate doors of up to 300 pounds and as narrow as 18 ins. wide with the Catch’N’Close on both the opening and closing ends of the door.  The company said it has been cycle tested for up to 50,000 cycles with out fail.

“Our customers have always wanted quality, highly functional products that look great! The Catch’N’Close closing system fits nicely into our collection of quality sliding door hardware’, said Jeremy Crowder, Vice President KN Crowder.

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