Landscape Architects Survey Says Outdoor Kitchens Still Rank High

Wednesday, Oct 8 2014

Gardens, landscaped spaces and outdoor living spaces still rank high on the Washington-based American Society of Landscape Architects’ annual survey.

"Homeowners know that designed landscapes add value to their lives as well as their property values," said ASLA executive VP and CEO Nancy Somerville. "They're interested in livable, open spaces that are both stylish and earth-friendly." 

ASLA said landscape architects who specialize in residential design were asked to rate the expected popularity of a variety of residential outdoor design elements in 2014. The category of gardens and landscaped spaces received a 94.2% rating as somewhat or very popular, while outdoor living spaces, defined as kitchens and entertainment spaces, were second most popular at 92%. Outdoor recreation came in third at 75.8%.

“Across all categories, 98.3% of respondents rated lighting as somewhat or very in-demand for 2014, followed by seating/dining areas (97.7%), fire pits/fireplaces (95.4%), grills (94.3%) and installed seating (89.6%), which include benches, seatwalls, ledges, steps and boulders,” the group said.

Survey respondents also said that the most popular landscape and garden elements for 2014 include low-maintenance landscapes (95.4%), native plants (84.5%) and fountains/ornamental water features (83.9%). “Slightly more than three quarters of respondents (76.4%) noted food and vegetable gardens, including orchards and vineyards, will be in demand this year,” the survey said.

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