Noritz Introduces Tankless Heater with Programmable Hot-Water Recirculation

Monday, Aug 11 2014
Posted by:
Nigel F. Maynard

Water heater manufacturer Noritz America has developed a new line of condensing residential tankless water heaters that combines a hot-water recirculating feature.

The circulating pump inside the unit keeps hot water close to the outlet, minimizing the wait and, therefore, the waste of unused potable water down the drain.

With an Energy Factor of 0.95, the products feature an integral digital display on the front, allowing homeowners to program the recirculation system to operate only when needed. An “auto” setting allows the system to quickly “learn” a household’s water-usage routines and automatically control the recirculation loop activation times, which allows for immediate hot water when it is needed most.

Part of the company’s ecoTough Series of gas-fired water heaters, the NRCP98-DV and the NRCP1112-DV use natural gas and liquid propane and have a maximum input of 180,000 BTU per hour. The NRCP98-DV has a maximum flow rate of 9.8 gallons per minute, making it suitable for homes with up to two-and-a-half baths. The NRCP1112-DV, with a maximum input of 199,900 BTU/hr and a maximum flow rate of 11.1 gallons per minute, is suitable for homes with up to three and a half baths.

The units are also easier to vent, the company said. They can be vented with PVC or CPVC pipe.

“Condensing technology results in lower flue gas temperatures, permitting the use of plastic piping, which is less expensive than the Category III Stainless Steel venting required by conventional tankless units,” said marketing manager Jason Fleming. “The zero-clearance plastic piping provides greater installation flexibility, as well as a lower installation cost, for the plumbing installer.”

Additionally, the units can be quick-connected and then vented through a common termination point, saving installation material as well as time.

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