Vitrocsa Launches Affordably Priced PURE Sliding Window Line

Monday, Jun 30 2014
Posted by:
Nigel F. Maynard

Invisible sliding wall system manufacturer Vitrocsa has debuted a more competitively priced PURE window line to compliment its door products.

“With only 7/8-in. sightlines, the dual-glazed and thermally broken window system, PURE by Vitrocsa, has been designed and engineered in Switzerland to the same high performance standards as the Vitrocsa system,” the company said. “ This system creates an almost invisible wall that operates.”

Made in the United States by Vitrocsa USA, the PURE window line features aluminum profiles and glass and is void of any special features or highly engineered customization options that allow for more competitive pricing compared to the classic Vitrocsa line. Custom sizes are still available, however.

Standard features include an ultra-flush threshold that provides an obstacle free indoor-outdoor experience. The system is available in sliding and fixed units.


The slim profile PURE window line by Vitrocsa – the modular sliding glass wall product to complement the ultra-premium Vitrocsa line.


Dual glazed and thermally broken, it provides an energy efficient and beautiful sliding glass wall solution that is more affordable but still in the luxury window category.


The PURE window system comes standard with a unique ultra-flush threshold that provides a beautiful and care-free indoor-outdoor experience.



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