5 Window Brands You May Not Know But Should

Monday, Jul 14 2014
Posted by:
Nigel F. Maynard

The window and door category is awash in high-quality products for a variety of applications, but every now and then it’s good to discover new brands — like the five we have assembled here.

Whether you’re in the market for ultra-efficient windows and doors or custom product clad in bronze, copper, zinc or made from all wood, these companies offer something that might fit your next project.

So what exactly should you be looking for from these companies?

“We have found that a window manufacturer who is mindful of classic design principles will already have true scalable sizes as part of their daily offering,” builder Stephen B. Quick IV told us recently. “This means that not only have they built an efficient and sturdy high performance window, but they also pay attention to the details, such as mullion sizes and shapes, sash proportion to window frame and sill detail and how it will relate to a historic application with either a siding, trim detail or a brick detail.”

With that, here are five brands you should know now.

Zeluck Inc.: If you’re budget is sizable, Brooklyn, N.Y.-based high-end manufacturer Zeluck has you covered. The company makes impact-resistant products, and offer features such as bronze pulleys, security glass, roll-down insect screens, motorized sashes and true divided lites. You can also order copper, zinc or bronze cladding and all-wood products. Architects especially like their sliding doors with low-profile thresholds. www.zeluck.com