Green Building

Monday, Apr 7 2014
The gleaming modern duplex in the Deanwood section of Washington, D.C., looks different from the homes in the neighborhood, but it’s even more unique than nearby residents know: It uses about 90... Read more »
Tuesday, Feb 25 2014
Luxury prefab builder Blue Homes has introduced a new affordable unit that costs as little as $350,000 and can be delivered to the home buyer in as little as seven months. Inspired by... Read more »
Wednesday, Dec 4 2013
This recently completed home by Trident Sustainability Group proves that a high-performance home can be completed even with a modest budget. As a result, the project received the USGBC-... Read more »
Tuesday, Nov 26 2013
Balance Metro by Blu Homes is a new prefab model for smaller urban lots.
Waltham, Mass.-based Blu Homes has introduced a pre-fab modular home that has a smaller footprint for narrow infill urban and suburban lots. The Balance Metro model expands the company’s... Read more »
Wednesday, Nov 6 2013
Suburban living with lots of green space is still the American Dream, but some Americans dream of an urban utopia that is less dependent on the car -- one that is walkable or utilizes bikes and... Read more »
Tuesday, Oct 15 2013
Designed with a solar wooden canopy for protection and a generous outside terrace, the AIR House by a team from the Czech Technical University took first place in the architecture portion... Read more »
Wednesday, Sep 18 2013
Architect Tim Brown and his family owned a 10-acre parcel near Austin, Texas, for five years before breaking ground on the house. During that time they observed the land’s contours, prevailing winds... Read more »
Monday, Aug 12 2013
Known for producing reliable automobiles, the American Honda Motor Co. has broken ground on a home that demonstrates the company’s vision for sustainable, zero-carbon living. Honda is building the... Read more »
Wednesday, Aug 7 2013
These four homes on Memphis St. in Philadelphia's Fishtown neighborhood look like any other modern infill project, but underneath they are anything but typical. The sold-out Avant Garage project... Read more »
Thursday, Jun 6 2013
If you watched enough television, it’s very possible you remember the old ads by BASF. “At BASF, we don’t make a lot of the things you buy; we make a lot of the things you buy better.” The ads... Read more »