KWC America

Wednesday, Dec 10 2014
The open-concept kitchen is one of the hottest trend in housing, but when everyone can see your work area you need an awesome faucet that makes a statement. Homeowners fall into two categories:... Read more »
Wednesday, May 28 2014
Norcross, Georgia-based KWC America has introduced a new kitchen faucet with curved sculptural lines and integrated LED lighting that allows homeowners to use the faucet in the dark. Created... Read more »
Monday, Mar 31 2014
Hands-free and electronic faucets are seemingly everywhere these days, and designer Shannon Kadwell always knows which homeowners will want one in their kitchen. “The clients who are really... Read more »
Thursday, May 23 2013
KWC America, the U.S. division of the Swiss manufacturer, recently unveiled the ZOE kitchen faucet that has an integrated LED light. Designed with fluid forms, the unit features a lever mixer... Read more »