Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.

Wednesday, Dec 17 2014
It’s tough to beat the value proposition that foreign-made tools offer, but some contractors and tradesmen believe in equipment made right here in the good ole USA. It’s the reason there has been... Read more »
Monday, Dec 8 2014
American manufacturing ingenuity and quality are not dead, and to prove it, we have assembled 10 cool tools and accessories that will make your tool bag or workshop better. See the full list here... Read more »
Monday, Aug 4 2014
Electronically controlled brushless motors have resulted in a new generation of cordless power tools that manufacturers say is light-years ahead, but is the technology all that it’s cracked up to be... Read more »
Wednesday, Apr 30 2014
Contractors face the unknown when they tackle problems hidden inside closed structures. Stud sensors and electronic scanners — two still-evolving technologies that use radar to locate objects behind... Read more »
Wednesday, Aug 14 2013
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.'s new tape measure.
The Milwaukee Electric Tool Co. said its new line of tape measures features a special coating that will allow the products to last 10 times longer than the competition. According to the... Read more »